BHM Ben Hall

February 7, 2018

Ben Hall was born and raised in Wellford South Carolina. Being raised by a single mother of 4 Ben learned at and early age the importance of being thankful and grateful. Most importantly the impact of contributing and helping out.  Ben started working at the age of 8 years old doing odd jobs and helping others in his community to earn money to take back home and help his mother in any way that he could. He views his mother as his hero learning a lot from her about hard work dedication and sacrifices.

To stay out of trouble and on the right path Ben started playing football. Having no idea he would excel as far as he did, He enjoyed the mentoring of his coaches and the brotherhood of the team more than the game. Ben graduated High School as the #1 Tight End in the nation excepting a full athletic scholarship to attend Clemson University where he majored in Human Resources. Earning All American honors in football and went on to have a brief period in the NFL and NFL Europe with the Tennessee Titans, Arizona Cardinals and Amsterdam Admirals.

After football not knowing for sure the calling on his life Ben worked a few different jobs which he excelled at. During his football career he never lost sight of giving back to his community every chance he could. Speaking at different schools and events as well as mentoring young boys. In 2014 Ben made a courageous decision that he wanted to do more for his community and dedicate his life to it. Ben quit his job with not much in his pockets and began teaching himself how to bake. Not sure where it would lead him Ben turned it into a small business named Big Bens Desserts. Over the past 3 years It has been an amazing journey for Ben. Ben has been featured on the front cover or Spartanburg Magazine. Also becoming an award winning Chef bringing home the best Dessert award 2 years in a row from the Taste of Black Upstate held in Greenville Sc.  Even though being and entrepreneur has been very challenging for Ben it has allowed him to be free and give more time to his community, being a motivational speaker and mentor. Ben has met so many great people and continues to build many great relationships with people in his community and surrounding areas.

Food has always been a vessel to bringing people together. Big Bens Famous Banana Pudding was the only thing he could make before being challenged to try new dishes. Now he has a wide variety of desserts on the menu ranging from (Red Velvet Cake. Lemon Pound, Rich Chocolate Cake. Strawberry Shortcake) as well as a variety of cupcakes. His Signature Strawberry Shortcake cupcakes being his #1 Seller. Ben has also donated and served many young kids by making their birthday cakes and cupcakes. Also dedicating his time teaching young kids how to bake with a program he calls Baking with Big Ben. Growing up Ben wasn’t able to get cakes for his birthdays showing young kids around the kitchen is very special.

Ben has a non-profit organization which allows him to mentor and focus on helping young boys and young adults with preparing for life. Showing then culinary skills, how to do chores. Handy man skills. Teaching them about college life, sports, speaking skills, entrepreneur options serving the community by picking up trash. Washing cars as well as doing errands for the elderly. Ben dedicates his time and energy raising young males to be well rounded men giving them a head start in life setting them up for success. Ben feels that god has allowed him to travel and experience amazing things for a bigger purpose and that it would be doing and injustice if he didn’t pour into and uplift the youth by sharing his wisdom and experiences with them.

Ben plans to continue building his business in hopes of one day providing many jobs for his community. Helping them learn many trades and skills preparing them for life. Ben wants to continue serving as a motivation speaker and mentor as well. Ben is very thankful for the many people in his life that has helped mold and shape him into the man he is today. It truly takes a village to raise and child and Ben has dedicated his life to doing his part.