BHM Kim Chapman

February 9, 2018

Kimberly M Chapman, a graduate of Southern Wesley University, lives and breathes the word visionary as the co-creator of Chapman Products Incorporated.  Chapman Products Company Inc. is the umbrella company that houses Nairobi Professional, Congo Professional, Kerafena Natural hair Smoothing System, Chapman Foundation Inc., and Sheen Magazine.  With her illuminating zeal for people and immeasurable organization of business infrastructure, Mrs. Chapman became a household name around the world for all cultures and ethnicities.

Kimberly saw the need for better hair care products and filled the void with her initial product line.  Mrs. Chapman prudently built her small business into a regional, national and then into an international brand.  With her tenets of hard work and diligence, she turned her dream into the extraordinary company it is today. 

Chapman Products Company Inc. has over 200 distributors, 32 employees and has a thriving international footprint.  With Chapman Products Company Inc. on the rise as a prominent hair care company in the industry, it was important to expand the brand awareness into media and community outreach.  In 1999, Mrs. Chapman founded the Chapman Foundation, Inc. which provides scholarships to high school students, delivers school supplies and toys to the less fortunate and much more! 

The Chapman Foundation, Inc. donates a minimum of $250,000 per year to students nationwide, but Mrs. Chapman wasn’t finished.  In 2006, she founded Sheen Magazine, which combined all of her favorite things; beauty, fashion and hair.  Sheen Magazine went on to create the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the modern-day woman, while also promoting self-care and self-love.

Kimberly is married to chemist William P. Chapman (27 years and counting) and has two children; William “Tre” Chapman and Antonia Chapman Merced (Rafi-Diyn Quiles-Merced).  She has two grandchildren; Little Rafi-Diyn and Sophia.

Mrs. Kimberly M. Chapman is one of the great entrepreneurs and innovators in the American South.  With beauty, ambition and intellect—she is a living legend.