21 Savage & Amber Rose?

July 5, 2017

Amber Rose is no stranger to dating people younger than her, so to hear that her new boo is 9 years younger than her isn’t surprising but to hear that the rapper she’s now involved with is 21 Savage is very surprising. The two have been seen together multiple times in public and have posted multiple videos together on social media. Amber has a son (Sabastian) with her ex, Wiz Khalifa, and there’s even a picture floating around the internet of Amber, Sabastian, and 21 Savage in a parking lot unloading a cart of bags. So if 21 savage is shopping and spending time with them, their relationship must be getting pretty serious. 21 Savage also posted videos on his Snapchat account telling Amber how great of a person she is, how people don’t see the real her but she’s actually a very loving and caring person, and also telling her that he loves spending time with her.

This does not sound like the “No Heart” or “X” rapper that we know! Could this potentially turn into something serious? In my opinion, no, but we’ll let them have their fun and see where this goes.