Fetty Wap's Assistant Allegedly Steals $250K From Him

August 8, 2017

Fetty Wap's assistant, Shawna Morgan, was recently fired after Fetty Wap found out that she allegedly stole $250,000 from him. 

According to Fetty's team, Morgan was posing as his manager and his booking agent. The sources stated that she would charge venues extra fees and would pocket the extra money in her own bank account (allegedly). Going more in-depth, sources stated that she would collect booking fees on behalf of Fetty's booking agent and then later demand/collect more money by posing has his manager.

Of course Morgan has denied the allegations but she's now saying that Fetty Wap and his team actually owe her $250,000. She alleges that she covered many tour expenses with her own credit card and was never properly reimbursed. It's being reported that Fetty and his team does not plan to file a police report but does plan on speaking with a lawyer regarding how to proceed.