June 22, 2017

It's DJ JK from the Afternoon Drive everday, MONDAY -  FRIDAY from 3pm - 7pm, just reminding you guys that The Block is definitely on the move towards your cummnunity. There is NOTHING that we wouldn't do to help support our youth for their future endeavors. Be sure to contact us to come out and support your next community event at Whether its "BACK TO SCHOOL", "CAREER DAY" OR "TALENT SHOWS", it doesn't matter because its always our mission to find the best ways to serve our community as much as possible.

Coming soon will be my DJ picks for new music that should certainly be in every DJ's rotation when they perform at clubs, backyard barbeques or simply making mixtapes to get the vibes going strong!

We cannot say it enough, THANK YOU guys so much for listening and supporting the Block. I have been here for one year now, I absolutely love the energy here with my Block Family....NEVER a dull moment with these guys. Be sure to follow ALL Block Personalities on social media and help us to continue growing with this amazing radio station here in the Upstate of Greenville SC.