6 Celebrities Who Love Them Some Cardi B

From Blac Chyna to Kevin Hart, Cardi B has everyone's attention

August 2, 2017
Cardi B, Idris Elba, Blac Chyna, Ludacris, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Hart, Nicki Minaj


With "Bodak Yellow" already becoming the summer banger we never knew we needed, Cardi B is attracting new fans every single day.

I mean, let's be real... the song is hot! Cardi also makes us laugh and is actually pretty empowering for women. Fellow rappers, actors and other celebrities are even coming out in droves to show their love for the stripper-turned-star and the lead single off of her highly anticipated, debut studio album. Check out the 6 celebrities who have recently showed their love for hip hop's fast-rising star.


Idris Elba:   

This fine-ass actor recently went as far as to choose "Bodak Yellow" over the DJ KhaledRihanna, Bryson Tiller hit "Wild Thoughts." Sure we love that song, but Idris might just be onto something here!


Blac Chyna:

You'd think being a close friend of Nicki Minaj (more on that in a bit) would mean Chyna wouldn't want to get down with Cardi... NOPE! Clearly, Chyna is feelin' it. We hope it's helping Chyna get over that whole baby-daddy-drama she found herself in recently.   


Kevin Hart & Ludacris:

Clearly, Kevin Hart and Ludacris are just like you and me. They hang out with their wives and friends, plays cards, eat food, and bump "Bodak Yellow."


Taraji P. Henson:

Shiieeettt this means sooo much yoooo :')On some emotional shit .Thank you soooo much @tarajiphenson This gone make me go harder and harder .I can't wait till one day to meet you !!!naa Yall I'm wild hype and gassed

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Does anything make us feel better than strong, powerful women supporting one another instead of breaking one another down? Also, that's high praise when it's coming from Taraji. 


Nicki Minaj:

Okay, to be honest, we don't really know if the reigning queen of rap is really a fan and the beef's been squashed. What we do know is that Kicki was spotted dancing to "Boadk Yellow." So, we'll take that as saying their beef is only meant to sell music and these two don't really have a problem with each other.  



Watch as even more celebrities show their love for Cardi B.