Dear Mama...

May 11, 2018

 Happy Mother's Day to each of the Mother's or women who serve in that role for many people! If your mom is still around make sure to take the time to love on her no matter the status of your relationship. Focus on the "RIGHT NOW" time goes by so fast! You never want to miss out on any opportunity to share or show someone how much you really care due to something that happened two weeks or twenty years ago! Make an effort to show some L-O-V-E!!

To my Single MOMs that hold it down!! The ones that are striving for greatness in their household and with their kids. Keep pushing! Push until your dreams for your family are a reality! Push to make a way for you and your little ones and hold on to the fact that every test is just a testimony for you in the long run. The juggle is only temporarily and know that your babies say THANK YOU for being the one that makes them a priority.

Hey mommas remember it's alright to take some me time for yourself, because we have to be our best self in order to continue to do what we do best. If no one takes the time this weekend and says HAPPY Mother's Day...remember I did <3

Peace and Love to all the amazing women out there!!