Miranda's on Another Black History Road Trip #3

February 23, 2018

The Block decided to go on a road trip each week to highlight places in SC that you and your family could travel to and have more of a conversation about African American History. This week we didn't have to go far, we went to the Hughes Main Library in downtown Greenville. Many people visit a local library but not many people know that the one in downtown has an actual room called the SC Room that has tons of information to help you track your family tree, resources to help find your ancestors, and qualified staff that are experienced genealogists ready to help you learn your past. One thing that literally was a surprise for me is that you can now go through the library to go through ancestory.com for FREE!! Amazing! We literally have know excuses to find out our past. I am a firm believer that you really don't know where your going until you fully know where you've been.

Go ahead and find out about your distant relatives and have some information to know for yourself and something to leave behind for your family!


Check out the video link/Interview below of this great gem in the Upstate