In The Que: "El Gato: The Human Glacier" album review

Gucci's "El Gato: The Human Glacier" album review

December 28, 2017

Some people call him GUWOP, some people call him Droptopwop, or, in my personal opinion, you can just call him one of the biggest rappers to come out of Atlanta. I’m speaking about none other than Gucci. Throughout the last year, I can't think of any artist that's been working harder than Gucci. Since his release from prison on May 26, 2016, Gucci has dropped five albums, including his latest titled El Gato: The Human GlacierEl Gato: The Human Glacier only has eleven songs, but it's still a respectable album. The album has no features, but it does have killer production from producers, Southside and Jack One. Track number two Peepin out the Blinds just might be the hottest song on this album. It's basically a warning for everyone. Gucci said if he catch you outside of his house, he's coming out firing. He has the right to be paranoid after the attempted robbery against him some years ago that resulted in one person dead, and him beating a murder charge. Guwop has a style that can't be bought, according to his lyrics on the song Mall. Gucci and his wife are swimming in money, you can hear it in his lyrics. He said his wife is so bougie that she don't even go to the mall. There's not a lot of songs on this album, but another notable song is called Sea Sick. I can hear my speakers playing this one Saturday night. It's that stepping out flossing type of music. Smiling In The Drought is a song off the album that reminds me of the old Gucci Mane. This song is like the trap anthem. He even talks a little bit about the attempted robbery situation that resulted in him killing someone.

El Gato: The Human Glacier seems like a couple of throwaway songs put together to form an album. I think Gucci needs to slow the pace on the music he's releasing. I give El Gato: The Human Glacier 3 flames.

The tracklist is below.

1. Rich A$$ Junkie

2. Peepin Out The Blinds

3. D**kriders

4. Mall

5. Side Effects

6. TYT

7. Sea Sick

8. Smiling In The Drought

9. El Gato’s Revenge

10. Strep Throat

11. Southside and Guwop