In The Que: Fabolous and Jadakiss "Friday On Elm Street" album review

"Friday On Elm Street" album review

November 30, 2017

 Release date: November 24, 2017   

  The street lights just came on for most rappers. It's time to go in the house! The playground now belongs to the big boys. If you are a fan of hip-hop you should already know that there are two names that are highly respected when it comes to lyrics, Fabolous (Freddy) and Jadakiss (Jason). Well, guess what? They just collaborated on an album titled Friday On Elm Street.

  New York has been struggling for a while to get it's name back relevant. There’s no need to worry New Yorkers, Halloween has passed but Freddy and Jason are still around to put you back on the map. 

  Friday On Elm Street starts with the introduction song F vs J. This song is the definition of New York, from the gritty beat to the lyrical assault. It made me feel like I was in Yonkers for a second. My favorite bar was "it’s getting spooky out here.....all the Nino Browns have turned Pookie out here." The second track features rapper Future. It's the first single off the album and it's titled Stand Up. Out of all the songs, I think I dislike this one the most. The lyrics are insane, but I don't like the way Future did the hook. It's almost like he was trying too hard. Another song worth checking out, is called Theme Music. The track has a Marvin Gaye sample with no hook, just raw bars and it's produced by Swizz Beatz. My favorite bar is "they wanna front 'til you jump in the back…. Shawty named Rosa, jump in the back." If you want to hear a real deep song, with content, make sure you don't skip pass the track Talk About It, featuring Teyana Taylor. Freddy and Jason cover a lot of topics in this song like the state of America, gun rights, and racism. My favorite bar is "Can we talk about it? Not just artists, but the players too….Y'all on the field, not the mic, but y'all can say it too." Other notable songs are Soul Food, Ground Up, All About It, and my favorite I Pray. You can tell Swizz Beatz never lost a step with his production skills when you listen to I Pray. It's a classic Swizz Beatz sound that can never be duplicated. Friday On Elm Street features guest appearances from Swizz Beatz, French MontanaTeyana Taylor, Styles P, Future, Yo Gotti and Jeezy. Production credits go to Andrian Younge, Ben Billions, Buku, C-Sick, Doe Pesci, Grade A, KidExcluzive, Mally the MartianMark Henry, Marvino Beats, Neo da Matrix, Pav Bundy, R8, Reazy Renegade, Schife Karbeen, Sean C & LV, Swizz Beatz and Ted Smooth.

I grew up listening to Jadakiss, and he's probably in my top 5 when it comes to lyrics, but I think Fabolous skills are a little better on this album. If I was reviewing this album just off lyrics, it would probably be 5 flames, but I'm judging the all-around sound. 

I give Friday On Elm Street 3.5 flames. The tracklist is below.

1. “F Vs. J Intro”

2. “Stand Up” Feat. Future

3. “Theme Music” Feat. Swizz Beatz

4. “Ground Up”

5. “Soul Food”

6. “Principles”

7. “Talk About It” Feat. Teyana Taylor

8. “All About It” Feat. French Montana

9. “I Pray” Feat. Swizz Beatz

10. “Ice Pick” Feat. Styles P

11. “Nightmares Ain’t As Bad”

12. “Stand Up (Remix)” Feat. Future, Yo Gotti and Jeezy