In The Que: Future/ Young Thug's "Super Slimey" mixtape review

"Super Slimey" mixtape review

October 30, 2017

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Release date: October 20, 2017

Two of the biggest names in hip-hop just linked up to drop a mixtape out of nowhere.  Future and Young Thug is like the modern day Jimi Hendrix and Prince, Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra, or Lucky Luciano and Al Capone.  Maybe not on that level, but it’s big and maybe even huge for the Atlanta area. 

I've waited a long time for a collaboration like this.  Future and Young Thug are two great artists. If you are a fan of either one, you will definitely love this mixtape.  They both have similar styles, but Future shines a little more on this mixtape.

Super Slimey is 13 tracks of just Future, Young Thug and one appearance from Offset of Migos. Most of the songs are what you would usually expect from Future and Thugga but, some songs are special.  I'm really feeling the solo track by Young Thug called "Killed Before".  Thugga singing and the guitar in the background is the perfect blend.  London on the track did a great job with producing that track.

I expected more out of the song with Offset titled "Patek Water".  Besides the hot beat (which was produced by Southside, DY and Rex Kudo) and the hot lyrics from Offset, I'm not really feeling that one.  Another guaranteed club hit is "All da Smoke" produced by Richie Souf.  That song is going to be a serious problem.  Other notable songs are "Drip on Me", "Real Love" and "Three". 

The production on this mixtape overpowered the lyrics.  Make sure you give Southside, DY, Richie Souf, Tre Punds 7 Wheezy, Will-A-Fool, BL$$D, Chef, TM 88, Fuse, London On Da Track and Mike Will Made It credit for production.

I give Super Slimey 3 flames.