In The Que: "Pressure" album review

Jeezy Album Review "Pressure"

December 22, 2017

 There's only one snowman that can last year round, and he goes by the name of Jeezy. Yes, that's right! It's official snow season all across the globe. The last time we heard an album from Jeezy was October of 2016, and that was when he released his seventh studio album titled Trap Or Die 3. The album didn't do so well, but he's back to apply pressure with his latest album titled Pressure. Jeezy is one of my favorite rappers of modern day hip-hop. There's not too many rappers who has really lived by what they rap about, but Jeezy is one of them. He hit the world hard with one of his first projects titled Trap Or Die back in 2005. Jeezy has dropped seven albums since Trap Or Die, and he continues to kill the game with his eighth studio album titled Pressure. The album was released on December 15, 2017, and it features guest appearances from Tee Grizzley, Kodak Black, YG, Payroll Giovanni, 2 Chainz, Puff DaddyTory Lanez, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, Wizkid, J. Cole, and Kendrick LamarSpyder is the introduction song for the album. It's motivation to "Ball hard/Go bigger". The second single off Pressure is Cold Summer featuring the Detroit native Tee Grizzley. Cold Summer should have the club super lit! Jeezy declared himself and Mr Rugs the hottest in Atlanta on this song. This Is It is the third single off Pressure. It’s the typical Jeezy song, but it's pretty hard. Bottles Up is the first single off the album and it's that big boy club music. When this song drops, all you see is bottles and sparkles everywhere in the club. If you need a song to ride out to with your lady, turn it on track ten, Like Them. The track features Rick Ross and Tory Lanez. Rick Ross and Jeezy had some problems with each other in the past but, it's good to hear songs like this. American Dream is the song that reunited J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar together again. Jeezy verse was nice, and J. Cole delivered another great performance on the track. Kendrick Lamar really didn't spit too much, but his moment was dope. My favorite track on Pressure is only one minute and fifty-seven seconds, it's the interlude titled Valet. In my opinion, he should have made this a full song.  

Production credits on the album goes to Big White, Cardiak, Chigz, D. Rich, DJ Spinking, Djay Cas, Gotti Rock Solid, Frank Dukes, Neenyo, P.C., Soundsmith Productions, Tone Mason, and Vinylz.  

 I give Pressure 4 flames. The tracklist is below. 


1. “Spyder”

2. “Cold Summer” Feat. Tee Grizzley

3. “In a Major Way” Feat. Payroll Giovanni

4. “Floor Seats” Feat. 2 Chainz

5. “This is It”

6. “Bottles Up” Feat. Puff Daddy

7. “Valet (Interlude)”

8. “Respect”

9. “Pressure” Feat. Kodak Black and YG

10.”Like Them” Feat. Tory Lanez and Rick Ross

11.”The Life” Feat. WizKid and Trey Songz

12.”American Dream” Feat. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar

13.”Snow Season”