Que Sparks Weekend Takeover

Tee Grizzley - Sat June 17th

June 17, 2017

Join me in my weekly quest for music. Over the past few years my ears have witnessed a dramatic change in hip-hop. Sometimes change can be good, but sometimes it can be really bad, and that's why I started this weekly review. Every week I will review newly released music giving you MY opinion if it's dope, or not. This week we are going to listen to a mixtape from a new artist from Detroit. His birth name is Terry Wallace, but you might know him as Tee Grizzly! That name has been ringing heavy through the streets and radio. "First day out" is Tee Grizzly first single off his mixtape titled "My Moment". The song has no hook, nothing but hard lyrics back to back describing the hard times he's been through. Don't get too caught up in that song because he has 12 more hot tracks including "From the A to the D" and "No Effort". I think the 23 year old rapper is far from a one hit wonder. From the lyrics that I heard, I think he might be around for a while. I give "My Moment" 3.5 flames.