In The Que: "Topoff" song review

In The Que: "Topoff" - DJ Khaled, Jay-z, Future and Beyonce

March 5, 2018

There's only a few artist who can release new music and stop the world. Jay-z and Beyonce are two of those artist.

The new DJ Khaled single Topoff features some heavy hitters by the name of Jay-z, Future and Beyonce. Topoff might be the first single off DJ Khaled's 11th album titled Father of Asahd. The Atlanta based superstar Future laced the hook, while Jay-z and Beyonce took care of the Verses. The unexpected twist to Topoff is that Beyonce is not singing, she's rapping, and pretty good at it. Jay-z and Beyonce referenced a few things in the song like the Meek Mills situation, George Zimmerman, Tiffany Haddish talking too much and more, you have to decode it. Rumors are that Jay-z and Beyonce are working on an album together. So, we might hear a lot from them soon.

Topoff is not as hot as it could've been. I expected more from such big names. I give Topoff 3.5 flames.