Free Services for Veterans

November 4, 2017

Hey Block Family!


Veterans Day is right around the corner but did you know their is an organization that has been helping VETS for a long time! Telamon Corporation is serving them with countless services in multiple states and even in SC! I recently was able to sit down and have a conversation with the organization and realized they are helping homeless veterans that may not have a steady place to lay their head or  a residence of their own. The organization is also helping recently released, incarcerated, or preparing for reentry individuals and so much more!! They are assisting with finding them gainful employment as well as getting certifications to help them find sustainable jobs in today's job market. Telamon is taking barriers out for individuals that really want to get at a better state in life, for their self or their family! In the recent interview I had with them they were stressing that that will even come to the individual if they are not able to come to it's really no excuses when receiving these free services. If you are wondering what the turn around time is to find out if you qualify?? Well...if you have all the information you need to get the process will find out in ONE DAY!!.  If you know of any Veterans that may benefit from these services reach out to them today by calling 864-467-8876. You will want to also go on their website because this organization if offered in other states too. Check it out at

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