John Witherspoon in #YeahThatGreenville

November 10, 2017

John Witherspoon stopped by the Block for an interview and to let me know "What's Happening" with him! Found out it's his first time in the Greenville area and he is looking to make you laugh ALL WEEKEND. He is scheduled to be at Greenville's Comedy Zone Friday night at 8pm & 10pm Saturday 7pm & 9pm and on Sunday at 8:00pm. It was a pleasure to be in the presence of a legend who is known for roles like Friday, Next Friday & Friday After Next or as “Pops” on the long-running syndicated sitcom The Wayans Brothers.  A man that is full of funny, has been married for over 30 years and has two kids in their twenty's.  He let me know that still to this day....he  loves to make people laugh and enjoys cooking especially on his show "Cooking for Poor People"! You can check out more of our conversation on the Block Facebook page or mine as well at Miranda Ontheradio!

You can always check out What's Happening with me in the mornings during the Steve Harvey Morning show Monday-Saturday 6am-10am or during our Community Affairs Show on Sunday's 6am-7am.

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