Keeping Youth Out of the System

August 27, 2017

Hey Guys!!

I had the pleasure of interviewing the Program Managers of the Right Step Juvenile Diversion Program and they are doing some great things for our youth of today. This program is through the Urban League of the Upstate and they are making sure that our youth stay out of the system! If you know of any youth that are first and second time offenders, charged with misdemeanors or status offenses, or could really just use some positive influences in their life to get motivated to go in another direction....this really just may be something you need to look into. This program is currently offered only in Greenville but if you are in a surrounding area and looking for something similar I would still reach out to them because this organization is filled with community partners and connections.

This is an organization that really "get's it"and the managers in the organization are extremely passionate about making sure they understand that each kid has other options in life rather than following the crowd or going down the wrong path. The program involves home/school visits, juvenile crime prevention education, social skills building groups, parent education, individual and family counseling/mediation to engage youth who are in the early stages of criminal involvement. All the things to make sure our youth stay on the right path!!

Check them out today

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Much Love!