R Kelly & Human Trafficking

July 23, 2017

Hey Guys!

So I recently had the pleasure speaking with a representative from Switch a nonprofit organization here in the Upstate and learned that human trafficking is a major problem here. Yes, here in the Upstate not just in a major city or in another country..right here.  For some reason many are so naive to believe that it can be happening in your neighborhood or right on your back door but it can. Did you know that sex trafficking can be found in strip clubs, escort services, fairs, street prostitution, fake massage parlors, truck stops, online ads, rodeos, and organized crimes. So for sure, the ways that it can be found has evolved and many have no clue that it exists.

It seems as if everyone has been so concerned about artist R Kelly and all of his "accusations" of what he may or may not be doing with young girls but could really look as close as their back door. Switch works with individuals and groups to learn more ways how to identify when human trafficking is happening. Did you know that Switch is an organization that tries to educate  the community, and give resources to those who may have experienced exploitation too? They are working to make sure that individuals have options and resources.

If you know of anyone that may need an outlet they can go online to www.switchsc.org, If you ever want to here about other resources that you can take back to your block. Make sure to check out my community affairs show every Sunday morning at 6AM-7AM right before our Gospel on the Block and if you are an organization that has services that our listeners need to know about make sure to reach out to me via email at PSA@963theblock.com

Much Love,