Step towards Your Dreams in 2017

Keep Making Moves

June 9, 2017

Hey Guys!!

How has your week been...better yet how is 2017 treating you? However this year is looking for you stay on the road towards your dreams and goals. It may seem ruff right now but sooner or later you will reach the destination you have been trying to reach.

Is it okay if I get just a little transparent with you for a minute?? So many times people will see me in the streets and say... Wow! I see you are where you should be. I smile and say thanks but let them know that this is just the beginning. I am still climbing this ladder called "life" and have many more things I am looking to do and I hope you guys never stop dreaming! It doesn't matter how old you get always have a goal your trying to reach and go for it!

One thing for sure, you will have bumps, detours, and dead ends along the way but the beauty is in the journey my friends. Just think about it...seriously! As your going through the journey in bringing your dreams to a reality take time to get to know the people in the process, find ways to hold on to the crazy stories that happened, never stop learning, and don't worry if it's not all making sense right now!  Just remember  DO NOT STOP continue in the process!! As a career driven, single mom, love connecting with the community, family, and friends I focus on the journey ahead and not behind. Honestly once you get in the habit of doing that you will see how much you are on the path to that dream job, new level, or next move you need to be at!

As you can see I told you What was REALLY Happening with Miranda!! You can catch me always in the mornings! Monday-Saturday 6AM-10AM during the Steve Harvey Morning Show or Sunday Mornings 6AM-7AM for What's Happening with Miranda right before our Gospel on the Block giving you resources you can take back to ya block!

Much Love!