Summer Plans on a Budget

June 25, 2017

Hey Guys!!

How's your week been? I hope you enjoy our weekly conversations like I do. This week , I wanted to focus on things to do this summer on a budget!  Sometimes in our community we feel that we have to do it big or don't do anything at all. This is not the case and want to give you some ideas or tips to do some things with your family this summer  that won't break the bank. As a single mom I feel that I have come pretty good on how to do this.

Tip 1: Check out your local parks and recreation centers in your county! Did you know many of them around this time of year have a packed calendar of FREE activities and events?!

Example) Many centers offer Free movies that they are showing in the park and sometimes offer free food and drinks too! 

Tip 2: You can visit your local library. Libraries have for sure evolved from back in the day. Now you can sign-up for a workshop or class for your kids or adults. 

Example) You could sign-up for a class and create or design something that you can use sometimes for your home. The kids have a chance to do a free fun activity or sometimes have special guests that come and offer free entertainment.

Tip 3) Check out local events that may be coming to the area. While the weather is warm you can always find great LIVE entertainment around the corner. 

Example) Take a look at local community calendars.

Tip 4) There is no shame in having a "staycation". You don't always have to leave or travel far to find something fun and interesting to do!

Example) Great time to try something new that you have been putting off! Do that activity with the kids that you said you would when you had time, or time to chill and relax and create your own way to unwind.

These are just a few to get you started. You know how we are when it comes to lists and trying something we will start with just a few. If you have some more ideas that people should try or practices that your family does. Share them with me, email me at or on Facebook at MirandaOntheradio. 

It's all about taking those resources back to ya block!


Much Love,