What's Happening on Your Block?

Community Resources

June 19, 2017

Hey Guys!

Did you know every Sunday right before our Gospel On the Block from 6:00AM -7:00AM you can catch my community programming show What's Happening on the Block with Miranda? Every Sunday you can get resources and information that you can take back to ya block! Resources that not only you can use but information that you can share with your family or with people in your neighborhood. We have had community leaders, businesses, nonprofit organizations and so many others to name!  If your looking to gain information or resources that can take you to a new level, or looking for resources that you can use in your community make sure to keep it locked on the Block!

If you have something that's going on in the community or you are an organization trying to get your message out I want to hear from you. Email me today at psa@963theblock.com

Much Love!