Working Woman Wednesday

December 27, 2017

Reflecting on the year 2017 brings so much joy to me. I thought I would share a recent post I made on my social media. Which is Miranda Ontheradio on IG and Facebook.



#Working WomanWednesday -2017 has been quite amazing. Funny how life can be when you take down the safety rails and decide to fully "ride out" your destiny. This year makes 1 year that I had left a ft. job to working multiple pt. jobs in order to work more on my dreams. To allow more room for the opportunities, gigs, and work on other projects that will be announced soon. Is the road easy NO, have I sometimes questioned it YES..But once you take a JUMP like Steve Harvey on Steve Harvey Morning Show says and like I did a year ago you allow yourself to "shoot your shot". I say this ONLY because GOD will make room for DESTINY if you do your part, work hard, so STOP sitting on whatever you are supposed to be doing NOW because life never gives us the "perfect time"! I thank God daily for doors that he continues to open, the connections he makes for me, and I'm speechless when he continues to keep me and expand me. #LevelUp and be ready because it's levels to this chick! --