Beyonce May Have Subtly Honored Adele at Movie Premiere

Adele “fangirled” for Beyoncé when she accepted the award for Album of the Year at the GRAMMYs last month. So did Beyonce just return the love by offering a tribute to Adele?As you'll recall, Adele said that she was humbled to win the award for album of the year, but she did pay tribute to Beyoncé...
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Did Adele Break Her GRAMMY Trophy for Beyonce?

The 59th GRAMMY Awards were Adele's night. The pop superstar shined in several of the show's major categories, but it's what she did at the end of the show that has us talking today.Adele's album 25 won the final award of the night to take home the title of Album of the Year. Many expected Beyoncé...
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All of the Must See GRAMMY Moments in Just 2 Minutes

The 2017 GRAMMY Awards featured a LOT of "GRAMMY moments."You know the ones that everyone is talking about in the office today. Like these:There was Beyoncé's performance, and that CHAIR move she pulled off. But, really, that chair defied gravity, right? Bruno Mars offered a rousing performance...
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