Lil Mosey

Lil Mosey Interview

With IG live becoming the “new normal” when it comes to entertaining the masses, I had to take part. So on Wednesday I took to IG live to talk with Lil Mosey. The 18-year old superstar may be young, but he’s not new to the game, making waves as early 15, he’s already been a part of the 2019 XXL...
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DMB Gotti Interview

Imagine your dad giving you essays to write for punishment as a kid, well DMB Gotti credits his quick and efficient writing skills to that exact scenario. Late Night show host, Bri Briggs, sits down with DMB Gotti to discuss his new hit single "Peter Piper", how the song became a viral sensation on...
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Bri Briggs

Angelica Vila Interview

On Monday, I talked with Angelica Vila, born and raised in New York, mentored by Fat Joe and one of the most humble and genuine artists I've talked with
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Never to Late to Create a Vision Board

Even though New Years day has passed you still have time to continue to reach and plan your goals for 2018. Many people have made New Years Resolutions this year, but have you ever made yourself a vision board. If you have no clue what one is's as simple as it's title. You create the vision...
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