Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy: Chris Brown Called Off Fight & Not Because of His Tour

Fight fans, hip hop fans, fans of hip hop stars fighting, sorry, that highly anticipated bout between Soulja Boy and Chris isn't happening. It's a bust, supposedly because Chris Brown was scared -- at least that's what Soulja Boy says.Follow the fury of flying tweets (instead of, you know, fists)...
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Soulja Boy's Promoter, Wack 100, Speaks On The "Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy" Fight

It appears on social media that Floyd Mayweather is running the fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, but Wack 100 (Soulja Boy's promoter) went on record to let everyone know that it's not true. Floyd Mayweather nor 50 Cent are involved, according to Wack. "Floyd and 50 ain't never controlled...
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