T.I. discography

In The Que: "Pressure" album review

There's only one snowman that can last year round, and he goes by the name of Jeezy . Yes, that's right! It's official snow season all across the globe. The last time we heard an album from Jeezy was October of 2016, and that was when he released his seventh studio album titled Trap Or Die 3 . The...
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In The Que: Ty Dolla Sign's "Beach House 3" album review

Released date: October 27, 2017 You know some people like to call winter the cuddling/cuffing season. Well, just know it's not official this year until the speakers in your bedroom are playing "Beach House 3". A long time ago I said Ty Dolla Sign was going to be the next Nate Dogg, but that was...
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In The Que: Hustle Gang Presents "We Want Smoke" album review

It's been a lot of great music coming out of the South lately and T.I.'s crew said you're not leaving us behind. Hustle Gang is here to claim their spot in this new generation of hip-hop. On October 13, 2017 Hustle Gang released the highly anticipated album "We Want Smoke". If you are unfamiliar...
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